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Why use a Surveyor?

Buying or leasing a property, whether residential, industrial or commercial, is a major financial step for you or your company to take and it is most important that every precaution is taken before you make the decision.

A survey is one way that you can ensure that the building you are proposing to buy or lease is all that you think it is. All buildings, domestic or commercial, will suffer defects at some stage or other and it is important that you are fully aware of the ramifications of rectifying any problems and that you will not have to face unexpected costs in complying with the terms of your lease or simply preserving your building.

The purchase of most buildings will involve a valuation on behalf of your bank or building society. This is to satisfy the mortgagee (lender) that the amount of the loan is secured in the value of the property. It is dangerous to rely entirely upon this type of inspection. Even though the report may be disclosed to you, there may be defects which do not affect the mortgage or devalue the property to the extent that the security is prejudiced. Therefore your own private survey is of the utmost importance.

As the old cliché goes, ‘you get what you pay for’ and this cannot be emphasised more clearly than by the building survey. Surveys come in all different shapes and sizes. They can also vary in quality both to the report itself and the surveyor carrying out the inspection. Our surveyors are chartered building surveyors with a detailed knowledge of construction. We know that we produce the highest quality reports on a complete range of different types of house, including listed buildings and although you may find inferior reports cheaper elsewhere, you should carefully consider whether they represent good value for money and give you the level of analytical information you require. Our testimonials speak for themselves but if you’re still unsure please feel free to view our sample surveys and compare the quality of our reports to those of our competitors. Your home is likely to be the biggest purchase of your life. Make sure you select the right surveyor!

We have written a number of articles on house surveys which elaborate on the above and you may find, both interesting and useful.

I was purchasing a flat under very tight timescales and needed a surveyor who could meet them and not let me down. Andrew at A J Hodge Associates was able to inspect the flat within a couple of days and produced a thoroughly in depth report in a highly efficient manner. He was even able to give me a verbal report the day of his inspection. The survey gave good practical advice in an easily understandable format that meant I was fully informed to make my decision. Overall the survey was good value for money and it would appear that no stone was left unturned.
Will Hockey, Bristol

Which Survey Suits Your Needs?

  • ‘Full’ Building Survey – This involves a detailed and comprehensive inspection of the property. The report will comment on condition of all those parts of the structure which physically can be inspected but it will, necessarily be subject of a number of limitations as set out in our scope of service for building surveys.
    Download: Sample Full Survey
  • ‘Main Elements’ Survey – The major parts of the structure (the main shell of the building) will be inspected and the report will concentrate on those areas: the roofs, main walls, floors, ceilings and windows. Whilst services and ancillary parts of the building are not included, dampness and timber decay will be.
    Download: Sample Main Elements Survey
  • Homebuyer Report – This is a standard form of survey designed by the RICS. The pre-printed format covers most aspects of the building but not in detail. It is appropriate in many circumstances but equally inappropriate in others and you are advised to discuss the merits of this beforehand. In the case of flats, access to parts of the building is likely to be restricted, thus surveys will be limited only to those areas where access is available.
    Download: Sample HBRV Report
  • Specific Survey – Sometimes, a previous ‘bad’ experience or personal knowledge of the type of property or locality will give you concern over one or more particular elements of the building. In these circumstances a report can be submitted which deals specifically with that/those parts.

All surveys are provided in hard copy and PDF for ease of transfer between parties where necessary.

Fee Guide

Fees for any particular property can be agreed with A J Hodge Associates, as too can the survey that is most appropriate for you. We have considered putting up a scale of charges for Building Surveys. However, it is sometimes very difficult to assess the correct fee depending upon a rather crude matrix of criteria and there are often too many variables to build into an intelligible table of fee charges. Accordingly we have decided against this option. However, we would be happy to provide you with a quote. Please contact us using the link below.

Obtain a Quote

If you would like us to give you a formal quote, please contact us and provide a little bit of information about the property that you are buying and we will get back to you. If you prefer, pick up the phone and call 0117 377 5860.

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